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How much does it cost?

Our window screens start at just $59. More information on our pricing can be found on the relevant Product page.

Do you work in my area?

Our installers work all over the Melbourne Metro area, and also in the outlying suburbs and some regional areas. Contact Us to see who the Installers in your area are.

What types of windows can you fit?

We can fit virtually any type of window with screens. Some wind-out windows require a little more work, and so start at $66 per screen.

What colours do you carry?

You can see our most popular colour range on our Colour Charts page. If you don't see the colour you want contact an Installer to discuss your requirements.

Do you make doors?

We make Security Doors as well as flywire and sliding doors. More information on our range can be found on our Product pages.

What are the differences in the mesh?

While Fibreglass mesh is the standard for flywire screens and doors, we also offer heavier meshes for security doors. Stainless Steel mesh is stronger than fibreglass mesh, while still being thin enough for good light and air flow. It's use is mandated in rural areas or areas at risk of bushfires.

Supermesh is a galvanised iron product that is thick, heavy and great for security. DVA is also known as 1-way mesh: you can see out but not in. This is a great product for entrance doors as it provides security while allowing light and air to circulate. Perforated mesh is a steel product much heavier than Supermesh with circular holes punched throughout. It is a good choice for areas that require privacy and security.

I live in a rural area, why do I need Stainless Steel?

If you live in a bushfire prone area Stainless Steel mesh is a much safer option than fibreglass mesh. Unlike fibreglass, Stainless Steel mesh is fire resistant and strong, meaning that embers are less likely to be blown into your home through a broken window or door. As it is also a more complex product to work with, all Stainless Steel mesh products are made in our factory and installed at a later date.

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