Roller Shutters

Over 15 years of roller shutter industry experience.

All our roller shutters are custom made using quality Australian-made products and come with a 10 year guarantee on product failure!

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Benefits of Roller Shutters


Roller Shutters provide an effective visual deterrent and superior defence against burglary. Our unique locking system makes roller shutters the perfect barrier against burglars, especially considering that more than half of all domestic break-ins are through unprotected windows.

Insulation from Heat and Cold

Roller Shutters are filled with polyurethane insulation, just like that in the walls of your freezer, and can stop up to 90%* of the heat in summer and 70%* of the cold in winter, giving you substantial savings on your heating and cooling energy bills.

Energy Savings

On Site roller shutters have been tested on homes in Melbourne to lower your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint as well and can keep your home comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.

Light Control

Roller shutters allow you to control and adjust light and ventilation to create a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. Our roller shutters prevent sunlight and harmful ultra-violet and infra-red waves from fading and damaging carpets, interior furnishings and paintings as well as protecting window frames in the long run. Roller shutters are particularly popular with shift workers, parents with small children, and those with home entertainment theatres where complete light control is needed.

Noise Protection

Independent laboratory tests on roller shutters have demonstrated that they can reduce noise transmission through a window opening by up to 50%.

Weather Protection

Our special design ensures that our shutters do not rattle during high winds, hail and driving rain all the while protecting your home from flying debris, branches, fallen trees as well as broken glass had your windows been left unprotected.

Fire Protection

Simulated CSIRO testing proved that OzRoll roller shutters retained integrity and remained operable at the peak exposure level, whereas the unprotected glass simply exploded. In addition Roller Shutters can stop burning embers entering your home, whereas if left unprotected these embers could float through and ignite the building.


Roller shutters provide protection from prying eyes with perforation holes that can be kept open, allowing you to enjoy the natural light and airflow while still maintaining complete privacy as you can see outside and no-one can see in.

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